Saturday, 15 October 2011

Time for “kigeugeu”

When jaguar did his kigeugeu song, the guy may have thought he did it for himself but this is the song that most likely be used during campaign rallies since most political contestants seem to depict the same character whichever corner you start from.
Think about guys who were in ODM and later defected claiming sideshow haterates in the party that almost become the leading party having gunned the highest number of MPs,
PNU is not spared from the same problem has some councilor(s) were served with warning due to defection. this is a culture that seem to have taken into roots of our leaders. NARC-Kenya too has been a victim of this, Hon mbuvi and Kabogo has are then once who almost lost their seats just by walking near Hon Uhuru.
It took to the highest when the letter from Netherlands docked at the door steps of our leaders.ODM wing members displayed as they started accusing Hon Raila for betrayal,
When prime minister mentioned jaguar`s song has he entered stage showed what has been in his mind, Hon Ruto also has some feeling that Prime minister may have had something to do with his name in the list.
The same also has been showed in the habits of Kenyans, most nowadays don’t trust police , police on the other hand don’t trust civilians,
This leaves a room for our enemies to capitalize and that’s why they have hitting Kenya with no mercy, problem is that, politics has been said to be dirty job where you friends today will be your enemies tomorrow, what causes all this? Greed, tribalism and immature politics and supplements like the general rudeness of Africans.
Kenya, the nation you know is great, remember nyayo milk, free education, stationary and all those services you don’t incur directly, it is only our CDF committee that are failing us as quickened by our policies and characters and some MPs since many constituencies have been named to have misappropriated funds hence you wonder what is the role of MP is such a committee?
Kenya would have been far away but letdown such as mushrooming vigilantes who in the long run end up spoiling our fragile economy e.g. Mungiki and SDLF and the Mombasa whatever.
Some should save this country when it is still possible to guel evil acts like merille before they take our country back to 1950s when we are aiming vision 2030.
Do good and the rest shall be added unto you by GOD. GOD bless Kenya.
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