Friday, 21 October 2011

al-shaabab and our economy

As we may celebrate our military for pushing the insurgents from the border to kism... whatever,still you have to know that kenya as a country is a country with their military working on permanent basis therefore having this insurgents stealing our tourist and taking the to their paradise is not a thing that cant be prevented or cant be foreseen.when Museveni send his troobs to somalia,many thought he was kidding but now i case you can see what has happened. we have lost tourist hence the industry wich has many players is now being and you can guess what next.

Tourism is a major industry of Kenya. Tourism has made major contributions toward the country's GDP, over the past few years an has thus contributed towards the economic development of the country. Large number of international travelers come to this country and embarks on adventure safaris, which helps in generating revenue for the country. Tourism has also helped in providing employment to a large number of people in Kenya. The hotel industry has also flourished because of this reason. A large number of hotels are regularly coming up over here to provide accommodation to the tourists coming here for a holiday. Tourism generates a revenue of nearly $500million per year.
Kenya tourism is a rapidly growing industry and is all set to help in making valuable contributions towards the development of the country. so you can imagine the impacts.


GDP: Direct Contribution
The direct contribution of Travel &Tourism to GDP is expected to be KES124.0bn (4.5% of total GDP) in 2011, rising by 4.7% pa to KES195.9bn (4.6%) in 2021 (in constant 2011 prices).
GDP: Total Contribution
The total contribution of Travel &Tourism to GDP, including its wider economic impacts, is forecast to rise by 4.6% pa from KES315.2bn (11.4% of GDP) in 2011 to KES492.7bn (11.6%) by 2021.
Employment: Direct Contribution
Travel & Tourism is expected to support directly 245,000 jobs (3.8% of total employment) in 2011, rising by 2.4% pa to 312,000 jobs (3.9%) by 2021.
Employment: Total Contribution
The total contribution of Travel & Tourism to employment, including jobs indirectly supported by the industry, is forecast to rise by 2.3% pa from 643,000 jobs (9.9% of total employment) in 2011 to 807,000 jobs (10.1%) by 2021.
Visitor Exports
Travel & Tourism visitor exports are expected to generate KES110.9bn (14.3% of total exports) in 2011, growing by 10.1% pa (in nominal terms) to KES176.9bn (11.6%) in 2021.
Travel & Tourism investment is estimated at KES39.2bn or 7.2% of total investment in 2011. It should rise by 4.7% pa to reach KES62.0bn (or 7.4%) of total investment in 2021.

The above facts signify why we cant let few individuals from Somalia to destabilize Kenya in the name of revenge
the above therefor leads us to who exactly are this group,what are they after and who funds them given that Somalia has no minerals?
For the last few years Al Shabaab — Arabic for "The Youth" — has fought againstthe western and U.Backed Government in Somalia funded by extortion, taxation and donations from Somalis living around the world. .
Al Shabaab's leaders hope to take over Somalia and impose their draconian interpretation of Shariah, or Islamic, law. In areas it controls, Al Shabaab chops off limbs of alleged criminals and stones to death suspected adulterers. Last week in northern Somalia it executed by firing squad two teenaged girls accused of spying for Ethiopia.
There are about 3,000 to 6,000 Al Shabaab fighters, according to experts on Somalia in Mogadishu. Al Shabaab draws money from traffic in Kismayo port, which is estimated to bring in about $1 million per month.
As the fighting has raged Al Shabaab has grown more extreme, aligning itself with Al Qaeda and copying its deadly tactics of suicide bombings and using improvised explosive devices.
Somalia's Al Shabaab rebels have stepped up fighting in Mogadishu with support from international sources. Here Somali women demonstrate their support of Al Shabaab in Mogadishu. (Abdurashid SOURCE funded by extortion, taxation and donations from Somalis living around the world.
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