Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fighting? Think again!

Whenever news about Kenya fighting AL-shaabab are on air, nobody complains but a closer look on the eyes of few individuals reveals what is in their minds. Yes, Kenyans for Kenya was meant to safe Kenyans  from succumbing   due to hunger in the nation, now it is operation “linda nchi” let’s hope it will succeed.
As Kenya may be applying reactive mechanisms now that severe damages have been incurred, let this be a lesson: No negotiations with enemies until ones dignity has been uphold, Migingo dispute still going strong while the case of Merille guys in Ethiopia living 25 kilometers into Kenya after clearing Turkanas who were in the region is still bending.
As our country is in a fight with the enemies, know that we will bear the cost of fighting and this, you will pay till the last coin! Soon, prices of commodities will shoot up not because of quality but to pay the price as many merchants will avoid trade in the high sees due to what is now going on.
Our forces who are taking a bullet on our behalf once they are through needs to be appreciated, this money will have to come from you.
Section of our capital city is owned mostly by guys from Somali, who knows if they are not the said enemies?
From history, the only time our troops went out was back to 90s .armed forces in Kenya are among the bodies that take among the lion`s share in resou8rce allocation and this are monies raised from the pockets our poor population in form of taxes and heavy fines imposed on offenders here and there.
Security meetings and commi8ssion that may follow after this are far much costly and this are among the notional cost. should Kenyans look back to where we`ve come from, then this are wages of sins for entertaining criminals, if we had fought with Uganda over Migingo and ugingo or with armed Merille, then AL-shaabab would be knowing the wrath of Kenya and hence the will not joke around us!
To our esteemed Muslim brothers, please don’t see this as if it is Christians, many times such words are used to divide people . if tourism fails in Kenya, most people will be rendered jobless including your children hence will be forced to be criminals against their wish, nobody loves severing.
Claims that hon. Balala and some are funding AL-shaabab actives should be investigated, analyzed and charges should start if need be!
People in daadab have somewhere they came from and that humanitarian org.are using lots of funds that could have been used to improve the lives of this people instead of crisis now and then.