Friday, 7 October 2011

kenyans beware!

As central bank tightens the strings attached to loans by hiking the interest rates,be prepared to pay more.please understand me,am not threatening but just laying the thruth on your eyes that you nay realise what may happen.kenya at the moment are battling with lots of problems that are enough to be settled first.ranging from calloping killer diseases that are stripping the country leaving it vulnarable;cancer be it throat or any.anothe is poor leadership,yesterday,two important persons in office of special programs for missappropriation of p[ublic funds for IDPs.starting from ground(be it community projects or church funds)misappropriation is common to the higgest offices as indicated by number of proceedings in courts currently.
Other countrieas are notr immune to this ogre as we may called it because it seems tobe in the blood of most african leaders.
third is African problem.we see westernized countries as civilized without asking yourself where  and what they do to be there? Education as been and still their4 secret behind,currently most electronics are from west,reason?
methods adopted in commercial activities are obsolete but we still stick to such methods due to arrogance,ignorance or don-care attitude in within us
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