Monday, 10 October 2011

Hard times for Kenyans.

I have been following series of debates as to how, what  and who is more responsible for this crisis that seem to have hit Kenya without softness not forgetting that Kenya is strategically located in a position that if its economy crumples ,then the other countries will dig dipper.
I know little economics therefore I wish to share my few as a victim of this problem .Am in narok, things have been changing prices since the time the shilling started losing its value Cost of domestic requirements have been flying high e.g. rental houses shoot by 500/=(minimum)
Even though CBK have been trying to act not mentioning crisis meetings they have been holding and trying to apportion blames to themselves, I believe they acted late when it had gone out of hand. Supermarkets have started rejecting coins, a sign that coins nowadays are becoming useless even though money being a medium of exchange should never be rejected.I hoPe the office below will solve act but not react to what will happen.
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