Friday, 14 October 2011

living with volatile neighbor.

From the northern end of Kenya to southern, or along the Equator, a word is going round about insecurity in the country .where did the all bug started? Well, it may be hard enough to ascertain where exactly it all started but what can be done about about is a puzzle that we all need to answer.
Series of attacks have in the recent past increased these attempts to accelerate already sick coin but also is making away with the lives of innocent people. The other day, it was about Merille bandits who not only shocked the whole nation but also left many bereaved, porous border has been the reason,
During promulgation of the new constituon, military displayed the weapons; I thought it will be used to quell external attacks. As if not enough, we can`t debate about our two islands that have been controversial (migingo and ugingo)
The coastal stri0p that Kenya acquired from zultan of Zanzibar long ago is now being taken over slowly by the so called kkk(klu Klux Klan) from Kenyan- made who demand the autonomy of coastal strip from central government. If national and internal security department fail to address this issue, then we stand for another blow just like what Mungiki are doing in Nairobi and some parts of the country not mentioning that our leaders are now in the docks for having been mentioned for having links with such.
Al-shabaab is not a new word to standard nowadays and Somalia is far, it does not have minerals has harsh climatic conditions for viable economic activity, Kenya has not even interfered with their affairs, but the are here now and tomorrow they will come, abducting little tourists were are left after our name got tainted in 2007, they don`t demand ransom so you wonder what exactly do they want? Or is because of daadab camp in north eastern Kenya?
On south western part of Kenya, Kenyan albinos were reported missing last year along the border and its environs; it is also the entry points that is not well checked, do you remember the suspected terrorist from Jamaica(al faisal) whom the airlines declined to take him that later forced Kenyan government to deport him at a cost of shs 40 million? Did we not have the officers from immigration department in Namanga or were the no police in that area
We are surrounded and leaving with volatile neighbors who seem to act act like life-time ticking bomb waiting to explode, that if we don`t treat them with caution then …
For some period , our poor coin has failed to appreciate ,we may blame economic modalities, blame either CBK or finance ministry or commercial banks but we fail to consider security as an element determine economic matters in a country. Why are there no businesses in Somalia? Simple, lack of security!the photo below shows motorist being robbed, if such is to happen,how will he sustain the family with the case of rising cost of living caused by inflation and shortage of basic commodities?
Somebody somewhere has a solution for this ,NSIS and ministry of defense in collaboration of you and I have to do something: refuse acts that tend to alter security for our nation.
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