Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Coin and you!

As matters to do with the coin becomes tougher, each time when the sun shine, it has reached a time when each and every member in every society to be keen about what he does, many do claim that the Kenyan economy has risen in the most recent, they will go for extra mile and argue that businesses are shooting e.g in Eldoret, Zion mall may have induced residents into believing that the economy is really growing marked by various banks just opened their branches in it as if they had lacked to locate their bla bla!
Meet any sales person especially marketers and sales people and they really tell you what exactly happens in our arena. Lenders these days lend at a very high interest rate, sales persons who rely on commissions have or about to guit these lucrative posts not because they have somewhere else to work but due to declining numbers or client hence low monthly salary, also firms have trimmed retainer fee to a figure not attractive enough to cast away doubts.
Last and early this, civil servants were on the road in the name protest calling for increment of salaries for instance doctors and lecturers down their tools until their demands were met, others lost their jobs like the postal corporations whereas other firms employed various tactics to trim the number of employees like Eveready company limited.
Various bills have been to the parliament trying to rectify the economic downturn Kenya has experienced in the last two years.CBK governor has had sleepless nights ranging from being ranged among the worst performing governors of central banks in Africa. Also not mentioning the various committees formed to arrest the situation like meeting the parliamentary select committee almost after a month is a bit intimidating and wanting since he has to explain himself for every step he takes to rectify the situation and exploring most of his opinions to either unwilling respondents in either public or the said commissions and committee.
News nowadays is dominated by ICC rulings and earing, few media houses focus their attentions to dedicated members of the public who struggle to take their children to school no matter what it takes ranging from selling the few animals that remained after drought or remains of produce after the middle men conned them, no one remembers our brothers and sisters or parents who have dedicated their lives to serve this country by word and deed, human right activist do not protest when a policeman is shot by a thug but they are keen when reacting to a situation when a policeman guns down a gangster after a few exchange of bullets long before millennium to date, they even have no time to go to church hence what they do is a prayer in its making!
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