Tuesday, 20 December 2011

As the kenyan coin is tossing up,the black christmass is knocking,various family duties seem not to have been made,older one crying for christmass shoes,others reguesting for family trip even if it doesnt cost anything,it may be costing time for one to do all this!
  Kenyan man and a woman for that case seem to be too pressed for this or that chore but all the same,the fine word will have to come from the pocket since it is here in Kenya that is said to talk louder than mouth,if you don't believe this,you properly have to travel all the way to the only university in in gates of seven wonders of the world in order to believe this,you also properly have to look for second year class to narrate to you the real ordeal about money and how a Kenyan student ,hard-pressed between maintaining their status -guo and compromising the man in the hall,in short am saying` lecturers too take bribe in case of any exam irregularity`
  the economy is tough,things are becoming too harsh!
lecturers too take bribe in case of any exam irregularity`  with the growing demand for domestic products,narok town seem to be the gold-mine that has not been discovered by gold diggers,it is the 8th richest county collecting upto 3 million daily but few supermarket seem to have neglected this town,thanks to VICMART AND NAIVAS SUPERMARKET  for being loyal to cilbtrits in this town,Naivas being the most effective supermarket is overgrowded by shoppers(both window and real ) fgrom morning to evening.
Vic- mart is the supermarket on the outskirts of daily flooded town on you way to Masai Mara gate,it is adjacent to Kula corner the only 4-star hotel in town apart from seasons hotel.

There is one,only one serious COTU chairman,who when he speaks,you find a relief of being a Kenya,but still his words will aunt you,imagine that you are in Nairobi and you wish to travel back to the village probably because Nairobi is not your home(only Masai can clam that even though their manyattas are not immune to Government whatever) strike is on,you can travel hove or if you must,then you got to dig dipper for the cost of gasoline is said to have gone up and that there is no remedy for that,shuttle busses that travel fast and savely are being treathened for operating then you wonder,`why all this conspiracy?`
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