Monday, 7 November 2011

Narok County,a place to be!

 Narok county is among the richest counties in the entire nation,much of council funds are tapped from the seven-wonders of the world located just a few kilometres from the town.Also, the county has untapped minerals,Gold is said to be present though no attembs have been done to clearify this issue.
Soil are fertile enough to the extend that farmers plant without using fertilizers,don't assume they are still in ``Mesopotamia days` because you will be surprised,farming s done extensively given its proximity to controversial MAU Forest.

Men in this said laid donot do anything or if they do,they just order it done,at most,from early in the morning to evening most maa men are either bussy taking care of livestock,fencing their fast land given that it has been intruded from all angles or just bussy` flashbacking` how their land used to be before!

men in this community,even though they are harmed 24-7,most are not troublemakers since the sword is tied tide enough to the extend that it can`t be pulled easly

In the region also is Narok university college,a university in the vast land and that it does not face any competition in the region given the fact that it is the only in narok county(starting from Mai Mahiu to kilgoris) and no university with satellite campus or even middle level colleges hence the institution has domestic source of students and with time,Masai community will be full of professionals.recent deployment of civil servants will be met with surprise since many6 believe  the area lacks personnel but no! thanks to NRUC in the region.
Cultural practices in the region has also helped to bring the region together ranging from Masai dancers or night performance in  5- star hotels like Seasons and Keerokor in Masai mara and Kula corner.
 Institutions in Narok has helped to boost the development of the region in various ways including:
        (a) Several employment opportunities have been generated directly and indirectly be it tourism firms such as  Savannah Tours etc.
        (b)tourists be it local or foreign has helped to trigger development in the region such as changing the mindset of maasai traditional lifestyle of cattle ruistling to the modern day lifgestyle such as hawking garments has shown in the file photo to real business of buying and selling with an aim of making profit.
       (c)tourism has helped to open the region to the wider world through tarmacking of roads and introduction of modern day tools of trade such as banks and phone-related technology such as facebook and twitter etc.this has improved life through interactiopn with other people across the globe.
       (d) narok university  has been and will be the source of employment to many be it clericall positions or admistrative to suppordinate positions.
       (e)Narok municipal council has and is doing great job by providing services such as water distribution etc.
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