Friday, 24 February 2012

Cost of campus politics

(this was the situation in KU when time for elections came calling!)
As the term of SGC come calling, many do aspire to replace them in office both as a long term ambition of being fulfilled or eyeing the SGC allowance that seems attractive to anyone who knows how expensive live at times can be in campus ranging from series of photocopies of hand-outs to maintenance fee.
SGC is a political organ of school administration benefiting both students and the university at large, the only problem is that, since it is highly competitive, students do align themselves playing national  and school politics thereby missing a point, furthermore, outside forces do affect the effectiveness of campaign   thereby splitting students into to groups based on tribes they in one way or another originate have  a link and that since everybody comes from a tribe, you will never blame anyone since  we are the products of our societies hence society is wrong! It either hides the truth or we were not told the truth while we were young.
(this was the situation in  Nairobi when polls turned to chaos  )
As Narok university politics comes to end, nobody keeps quiet, none speaks about the cash that may have been squandered, talk of the posters and banners you may have seen supporters singing and chanting names of their preferred candidates, that was noise for hire: a new profession in Kenya I tell you. Going by series of facebook updates, it instills fear in my thoughts that these campus politics is not cheap!, talk of banners, a single banner is nothing less than shillings 120 though by useful for a single day though it takes 2 weeks to campaign, this is amount that can keep you going  two days in school. Noise for   hire comes by nothing less than n a thousand on    crossfire’s and some days meaning it needs heavy pocket.
Good news is that, the current SGC will be  in position to control up to 2.5 million shillings though they do not have their account, the school still control this amount on their behalf.
In general ,let the best candidate win no matter who he or she is ,to candidates, once elected ,none will represent their supporters but the entire Narok university fraternity be it you were opposing or not.
   Nice times comrades .

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