Thursday, 16 February 2012

vice in campus

vice in campus

you may have heard or you may have fallen a victim,things tend to happen so fast to an extend that it leaves many buzzled as to the intention of the one who does,campus is a community in its setting and as the saying goes:all sorts of character are found in it,i do subscribe such a thought too. engineers,doctors,entrepreneurs and whole set of proffessionals happen to be hosted in a one arena though none of them happens to enjoy better than the other since they are all students and that there are no suber students.

Even though university is associated with good things ranging from inventions,probosals etc,all vices tend to be mingled with vartues of all manner and that under conditions of ceteris peribus,student is bound to select what he or she wants to be.

(students of Moi university being ... upon demonsrating following
 security lax where mashoka had put in some effort chooping them off.)
Going by what students at Narok university have been lamenting about some ghost people who reab from where the did nnot sow, that theft of clothes line has in the recent time s shoot to an extend that none would wish to gumble on it,and who exactly is doing this? are they students or neighbours? the answer is yet to come but soon,a solution will come calling just like last semester where even though they dealt with different products(labtops) culbrits were nailed and the school at klarge will be concerned calling police or initiating negotations that will at the end see the culbrit  being left free.

what aggrevates theft in narok university?this is what many if not all will ask are some of the reasons:

1.narok university is among very few instiutions where gates are used mostly by vehicles only since there are many other routes that pedestrians can use for instance gate B etc.

2.lack of fence hence access to the school can be from all directions,this backd by laxity of security personel on duty offers the best opportunity to those practicing the vice.

3.students themselves,narok university hosts upto 2500+ students there atleast as anything being stolen,atleast one of the student observes or spots the thug but since comrade power happens to be sick,none reports such a vice!

4.history,those who lost their probrties last semester and some were nabbed but none of those who lost were either compensated or imdemnified to their original position,this makes them to apply the rule of"one for himself and God for us all!"
4. Poor leaders in SGC accelerated byn lack of prober coordination between the student leaders and students in general.some otf this problems would be solved say having many hanging lines such that clothes are not crowded  togheter.this would ease security checks hence bidding theft goodby!
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