Monday, 22 April 2013

women and power

Business has long been one of the most reliable
ways to achieve financial freedom.
But for many women entrepreneurs, it’s been
difficult to really thrive, 
be happy, feel
balanced and be themselves the way that business
is usually done.
The traditional business model is very masculine,
involving cut-throat competition and a “winner
take all” 
mentality … using money, power and
prestige as the barometers of success … requiring
the sacrifice of personal time, health, relationships, 
and too often, happiness.
To win at the game of business, women had to learn
how to play by what were largely the “men’s” rules.
But the playing field is changing…
2013 is the first year of the new paradigm, where
masculine energy is being balanced with the
We’re honoring consciousness. We’re
honoring collaboration. And we’re honoring the
idea of using your business to help others.
It’s a new way of doing business that’s in line
with how most women are wired.

“The Feminine Model of Entrepreneurial Success:
Finding Financial Freedom in the New Economy”
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