Thursday, 1 November 2012

who is leeping on the job?

Dumb site in the middle of town
Narok town is the main Town to the gates of seven wonders of the world,the town,futher it is on Kisumu- Nairobi busy road,it is town where everyone business men and women of hard working nation would wishn to reside and burn the oil in the art of minding money.midle business men who are on the lookout for animals(cows,sheep and goats ) on sale camp in this town,those wishing to be engaged in wheat and maize business are too here. municpal council of Narok are among the richest collecting upto shs 2 M  per month if and all is well but the safety of inhabitants in this town has nad are forgotten,the greater town has no street lights,it is dirty and that raw sewage flow past the across  the town. sample of pictures taken at different times at different places reveal that nothing is and has been done to improve the condition,further,town usually is flooded during heavy rains,business people do incur a lot while trying to come to terms of floods since acts of municipal to curb the situation may be late or inadequate.
The Big quwestion is....has  NEMA  made any progress on the issue raised by minister long ago or who is sleeping on the job? is it NEMA officials,municipality or everybody especially those who dont raise relevant questions  has and when needed?
Raw sewage flowing in the middle of town

Environment Minister Chirau Mwakwere has expressed concern over pollution of Narok River.
Dirty linen in the river
Mwakwere also took issue with a dumpsite emitting solid and liquid waste into the river, endangering lives of people and animals living downstream“Many people in far-flung areas depend on this river. Pollution endangers lives of those who use its water for domestic consumption,” said Mwakwere.
He asked Narok Town Council to relocate the dumpsite as a short-term measure. The minister also said plastic and polythene disposal was worrying and challenged Kenyans to ensure the environment is clean.
another raw sewage
Mwakwere, who was accompanied by National Environment Management Authority Director Geoffrey Wakhungu, was speaking in Narok yesterday during an inspection of the dumpsite.
conservation of environment
“Change of land use is accelerating desertification. Residents should plant trees to conserve the environment,” he added.
He said his ministry would assist Narok Town Council to tackle perennial flooding that has in the past claimed lives and property.
The minister added there was need to incorporate other partners in conservation of the environment. Residents asked the minister to press the Government to evict the remaining Mau Forest settlers, lamenting that their continued stay poses a threat to survival of the eco-system.
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